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Increase Your Muscles And Body Weight In The Right Way!

Increase Your Muscles And Body Weight In The Right Way! Increase Your Muscles And Body Weight In The Right Way!



Do not fall into the trap of fast bodybuilding. You will come across many tips and lists of do’ and don'ts for building body in one week. When you are skinny and want to have a bigger body look, you would want to do anything and everything that comes your way which would work fast. Building body is just like losing weight, there’s no easy method. You need to follow a routine of exercises, diet, and supplements if necessary and recommended by your gym trainer.


Things you should do for building your muscles and increasing your body weight

  1. Eat more: you should make sure that your diet is more and has more proteins. Proteins is the main source of muscle mass. The protein in the body is used for various reasons like making hormones. Your body breaks down the protein you eat, so you need to have more proteins. Along with proteins you need carbohydrates. There are various formulae available on the internet to calculate how much protein, calories, and carbohydrates you need to consume every day to gain weight.

  2. Lift weights every other day: Lifting weights builds your muscles. Immediately after your workout, protein synthesizes for around 48 hours. So you need to plan your workout such a way that, you have a day’s rest between two workout sessions. Ideally, you can have a full body workout one day and rest the other day. Research says that muscles grow when they are resting. So the rest after a challenging work out is the key to muscle growth.

  3. Make sure that you eat something every two hours: Not eating enough would limit the rate at which your body synthesizes protein. And reducing the amount of protein in your body would slow the process of bodybuilding. According to the formula you use, to gain weight, you can calculate how frequent and how protein-calorie rich your meal should be. Eating every two hours will increase your calorie intake automatically. If nothing else, a banana and peanut butter sandwich is the best combination of snack you could have.

  4. Protein supplements: There are various kinds of weight gain powders available in the market which makes the problem of a skinny guy much easier. These shakes should be taken before an hour of your work out, or as suggested by your trainer. There are powders which give you calories through sugar and don’t help you in gaining weight. You need to make sure which protein supplement you are buying and not wasting your money on glucose instead of protein. Powders like the Russian bear powder, gold standard whey, nitro tech, etc., are very famous protein supplements.


Other than these, the exercise routine is something very important for gaining weight. Which exercise you do and how much rest you give your body. Drinking enough liquids, eating more food, milk before bed are other important things you need to make sure you take care of to gain enough weight and build your body.

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